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The Avengers

2 May 2012 | Action, Reviews | by Colin Le Sueur

I’d been waiting a long time for this film to come along. Growing up it always bugged me that the worlds depicted in superhero films were always so self-contained. Batman would never run into Superman or Spider-Man never called on the X-Men for help. Due to tight restrictions on trademarks, studio control meant that the […]

Super 8

26 January 2012 | Reviews, Sci-Fi | by Colin Le Sueur

Growing up, I always wanted to be part of an adventure, one of a group of kids ready to fight monsters (like in The Monster Squad) or hunt for pirate treasure (like in The Goonies). These kids were tough and brave and put themselves in the path of danger because no one else would. My […]


11 October 2011 | Horror, Reviews | by Colin Le Sueur

There seem to be decreasingly fewer truly unique films released these days, a glut of remakes, sequels and re-imaginings taking the place of smaller, independent features. While franchises have their place, it’s nice to see a film so strange and surreal that it almost defies description. On the surface, Rubber is a story of a […]


10 October 2011 | Adventure, Reviews | by Colin Le Sueur

In the past few years the monster movie has gone through a significant and dramatic shift. From Joon-ho’s The Host in 2006 to Edwards’ Monsters in 2010, recent monster movies have begun to rely less and less on spectacle and special effects, focusing instead on character development and realism. TrollHunter continues this trend, faux documentary […]

Scream 4

18 August 2011 | Horror, Reviews | by Colin Le Sueur

Fifteen years after the release of the clever and groundbreaking Scream, Wes Craven returns to the series that helped to redefine the slasher genre. The state of the Hollywood horror film has changed greatly since the mid-90s, with waxing and waning cycles of Asian horror and over-the-top splatter franchises. Scream 4 struggles in this new […]

Ninja Assassin

4 March 2011 | Martial Arts, Reviews | by Colin Le Sueur

Ninjas exist in the same strange mythological space as zombies, pirates and cowboys, with a rich visual tradition somehow totally divorced from historical and scientific fact. A ninja can be anything from an unskilled fighter in black pyjamas to an occult master of time and space. Ninjas have been mutant turtles, fat comedians and shadowy […]

Survival of the Dead

8 April 2010 | Horror, Reviews | by Colin Le Sueur

When I was younger I used to ask myself what it’d be like if George Romero directed a new zombie film. How could he possibly top the legendary Dead trilogy, concluded in 1985? After him being only partially involved in the 1990 remake of Night of the Living Dead, the thought of a new Romero […]


8 March 2009 | Action, Reviews | by Colin Le Sueur

For some films it’s hard to remain objective, a detached observer able to critique and analyse with an open mind. In this case, the Watchmen graphic novel made such a terrific impact on me as a teenager that there’s no way I could write an objective review of the film. Though completely separate entities, my […]

All the Boys Love Mandy Lane

8 January 2009 | Horror, Reviews | by Colin Le Sueur

I have to admit, slasher films are a bit of a guilty pleasure for me. Watching horror films as a teen, slashers always seemed to provide the right mix of gore, sex and shocks my still-developing mind craved. When I began to study films, I felt secretly justified to discover how surprisingly complex the slasher […]