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Unfinished – Spoiled for Choice

29 August 2014 | Blog, Unfinished | by Colin Le Sueur

In some of my previous videos I’ve spoken about my growing list of games that I either want to play, am in the process of playing, and have played previously. I wanted to dive deeper into one of the main reasons I leave so many games unfinished: choice. Essentially, I’m spoiled for choice. At the […]

Unfinished – Borderlands 2: You Are Now Leaving Pandora

10 April 2014 | Unfinished | by Colin Le Sueur

Unfinished is a series where I take a look back at the story-based games I’ve played but never finished. Why would I spend dozens of hours playing a game just to abandon it halfway through? Did I lose interest because of something specific to the game, like gameplay mechanics or story development? Today I’ll take […]

Unfinished – Dishonored

28 March 2014 | Unfinished | by Colin Le Sueur

People play games for all sorts of reasons but what’s potentially more interesting is looking at why people stop playing games. Why does someone invest 10 or 20 hours in perfecting the controls or getting lost in the lore just to put down the controller or mouse and keyboard, moving onto the next big release?