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Lords of the Fallen Review

9 January 2015 | Blog, Review | by Colin Le Sueur

In the past year I’ve become a big fan of the Dark Souls series. After several unsuccessful attempts starting the first Dark Souls, both on Xbox 360 and PC, I finally dug my heels in and found an entry point into the infamously difficult action RPG. I moved on to Dark Souls 2 after finishing […]

Hack ‘n’ Slash Review

9 October 2014 | Blog, Review | by Colin Le Sueur

The modern game release cycle is a strange one. Sometimes I’m aware of games months or even years before their retail release. Other times a game will come out of nowhere and grab me instantly. Hack ‘n’ Slash from Double Fine is one of those games. The first I heard of it was on Steam’s […]

Divinity: Original Sin (Review)

25 July 2014 | Blog, Review | by Colin Le Sueur

For me, Divinity: Original Sin came out of nowhere. I’d first noticed it during the summer Steam sale but didn’t pay much attention, mainly due to the generic title. After hearing some strong word of mouth from various sources, I thought I’d take a closer look. I was playing through Baldur’s Gate Enhanced Edition at […]

Dark Souls II: The Cycle of Death Continues

6 June 2014 | Review | by Colin Le Sueur

After having a great and difficult time eventually playing through Dark Souls, I decided to pick up the sequel. I made sure to wait until I finished the original before installing Dark Souls II as I knew I’d want to play it right away. This means I basically moved directly from Dark Souls to Dark […]

Ghost Recon Phantoms Review: Free to Play or Pay to Win?

17 April 2014 | Review | by Colin Le Sueur

I’ve played a handful of free to play shooters over the last few years: Tribes Ascend, Planetside 2, Warface. None of them really kept my attention. Slow unlocks, uninspired gameplay, or pay to win mechanics always hampered my enjoyment. When I saw a few videos for Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Phantoms (previously Ghost Recon Online), […]

Titanfall – Tomorrow’s shooter, today!

8 April 2014 | Review | by Colin Le Sueur

My experience playing modern shooters started on the Xbox 360. My console was bundled with Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and I sunk a lot of hours into Infinity Ward’s successful shooter. I was never that good but I especially loved running around knifing enemies in the face. I can still remember when I […]

Goat Simulator: Queen of Chaos, Bringer of Destruction

8 April 2014 | Review | by Colin Le Sueur

Sometimes it’s fun to just jump into a game and dick around, smash some things up, create chaos around you. The Grand Theft Auto games are an excellent example of this. Sometimes I just like to drive around, crash into cars, cause as many explosions as I can. Or when playing Skyrim I’ll roll into […]