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Building Character – Dark Souls II

20 June 2014 | Building Character | by Colin Le Sueur

I’ve been playing a lot of Dark Souls II lately, almost to the exclusion of everything else. My initial playthrough was with a pure melee warrior and I made it past Drangleic Castle with him. However, I couldn’t help feel like I was missing out on a whole other side of gameplay and combat. This […]

Shadowrun Returns: Lost in the Shadows

8 May 2014 | Building Character | by Colin Le Sueur

I was first introduced to the world of Shadowrun in the mid 90s, playing the excellent Super Nintendo game. I became obsessed with the setting, a cool mix of fantasy and sci-fi, and even went out and bought the sourcebook to the original pen and paper RPG. Shadowrun helped introduce me to the cyberpunk sub-genre […]

Dark Souls: The Exploration of Death

2 May 2014 | Building Character | by Colin Le Sueur

It took me a couple tries to get into Dark Souls. I first tried the early PC port and wasn’t really impressed. The game looked dated and didn’t play well. I couldn’t get past the first big enemy and I soon grew frustrated. I’d heard amazing things about Dark Souls but I couldn’t see the […]

Skyrim – Building Character in Tamriel

15 April 2014 | Building Character | by Colin Le Sueur

In some of my previous videos I’ve talked about how I love creating characters in adventure or role-playing games and how those characters influence my gameplay. I thought I’d expand on that idea and look at one of my favourite games of the last five years: Skyrim. Skyrim is the fifth game in the successful […]