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Women in Gaming – My Favourite Characters

24 October 2014 | Blog | by Colin Le Sueur

I wanted to make a video in response to all the terrible things I’ve read over the past few weeks on the subject of women in gaming. I don’t want to re-hash everything that’s already been said, however, so here are a dozen influential, important, or interesting women characters that I’ve run across in my […]

Electric Thumbs – Hitman Go

17 October 2014 | Electric Thumbs | by Colin Le Sueur

I’m not usually a big fan of mobile gaming, as most of these games follow a free to play model or are shallow versions of console favourites. Every so often, however, a mobile game does something different or brings something new to the platform. In this new series I’ll be taking a look at those […]

Alpha Wolf – The Long Dark

10 October 2014 | Alpha Wolf, Blog | by Colin Le Sueur

There’s something eerie, almost supernatural about winter in the far North. Night that seems to last forever, feeling your breath start to freeze in your lungs, the crunch of hard-packed snow under your boots. Sometimes I miss the long winter nights of Canada and the stillness they bring. The Long Dark is a survival experience […]

Hack ‘n’ Slash Review

9 October 2014 | Blog, Review | by Colin Le Sueur

The modern game release cycle is a strange one. Sometimes I’m aware of games months or even years before their retail release. Other times a game will come out of nowhere and grab me instantly. Hack ‘n’ Slash from Double Fine is one of those games. The first I heard of it was on Steam’s […]