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Divinity: Original Sin (Review)

25 July 2014 | Blog, Review | by Colin Le Sueur

For me, Divinity: Original Sin came out of nowhere. I’d first noticed it during the summer Steam sale but didn’t pay much attention, mainly due to the generic title. After hearing some strong word of mouth from various sources, I thought I’d take a closer look. I was playing through Baldur’s Gate Enhanced Edition at […]

Warcraft: The World’s End

18 July 2014 | Blog | by Colin Le Sueur

For me, playing World of Warcraft is like meeting up with an old friend. Someone I used to party with when I was younger but now don’t have much time for. Someone who hasn’t changed much over the years while I’ve grown and matured. To me, World of Warcraft is a lot like Gary King. […]

Oversight – Bastion

2 July 2014 | Blog, Oversight | by Colin Le Sueur

Over the years I’ve been keeping an unofficial list of games that, for whatever reason, I own but have never played. Some call it a backlog, others a to-play list. For me, it’s my Oversight list. Great games that I’ve always been meaning to play but have not yet gotten around to playing. Every year […]