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Inclusion: What’s Stopping You From Playing Shooters?

16 May 2014 | Blog | by Colin Le Sueur

Does buying a game automatically give you the right to experience everything in the game? I’ve heard that argument in relation to MMOs like World of Warcraft. It normally follows a discussion of hardcore vs. casual. If you buy a book or go see a film you’re guaranteed to see all of it, provided you […]

Shadowrun Returns: Lost in the Shadows

8 May 2014 | Building Character | by Colin Le Sueur

I was first introduced to the world of Shadowrun in the mid 90s, playing the excellent Super Nintendo game. I became obsessed with the setting, a cool mix of fantasy and sci-fi, and even went out and bought the sourcebook to the original pen and paper RPG. Shadowrun helped introduce me to the cyberpunk sub-genre […]

Dark Souls: The Exploration of Death

2 May 2014 | Building Character | by Colin Le Sueur

It took me a couple tries to get into Dark Souls. I first tried the early PC port and wasn’t really impressed. The game looked dated and didn’t play well. I couldn’t get past the first big enemy and I soon grew frustrated. I’d heard amazing things about Dark Souls but I couldn’t see the […]

Camping: Taking Advantage in Shooters

2 May 2014 | Blog | by Colin Le Sueur

In some gaming circles, camper is one of the worst things you can call someone. Campers are noobs. Campers are cheaters. Campers ruin the game for everyone else. So what is camping and why do people hate it so much? Essentially, camping is staying in one place to gain a tactical advantage over your enemies. […]