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Unfinished – Dishonored

People play games for all sorts of reasons but what’s potentially more interesting is looking at why people stop playing games. Why does someone invest 10 or 20 hours in perfecting the controls or getting lost in the lore just to put down the controller or mouse and keyboard, moving onto the next big release?

With the vast amount of excellent games available to play it’s no wonder gamers jump from game to game. I’ve got a long list of unfinished, games I’ve played for upwards of 30 hours but never finished. Some of them I got bored with, others had frustrating mechanics or gameplay. A game at the top of my Unfinished list is Dishonored.

On paper, Dishonored’s the type of game that I’d love to play. A bleak alternate history setting, gameplay consisting of a combination of first person stealth and combat, and an extensive upgrade system to keep things interesting. So why couldn’t I get into the story or the gameplay? Why did I leave Dishonored unfinished?

When playing adventure games like Dishonored I like to choose a playstyle going in and stick with it as much as possible. For instance, in Skyrim my character was a purely physical class, whether ranged hunter or sword and shield fighter. I’d avoid using magic if at all possible and I’d stay away from thievery and indiscriminate killing.

I tried to follow a similar path in Dishonored. I was going to be silent, invisible, and honourable (ironically), trying to avoid killing anyone. Unfortunately my skills in the game weren’t up to this lofty ambition and I found myself discovered frequently. I soon grew frustrated by the fact I’d have to go against my planned path and kill my attackers. I started abusing the save system to avoid unwanted discovery and quickly grew tired of the repeated back and forth of saving and re-loading a botched scenario.

I think I was looking for more of a straight stealth actioner, rather than the combination of melee, magic, and guns. I attempted to play the game I wanted to play but it turned out that Dishonored wasn’t that game. Maybe I’ll give it another chance and forego my planned path, using stealth or magic or guns as the situation demands. Somehow I think that’s what the developer originally intended.

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Colin Le Sueur
Friday, March 28th, 2014
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