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Monthly Archives / March 2014

Kernel Panic – Linux Gaming

28 March 2014 | Kernel Panic | by Colin Le Sueur

I remember a time when Linux gaming was an oxymoron. Sure, there were clunky open source versions of popular Windows games like Solitaire and Minesweeper but if you wanted to game on a Linux-based operating system you were pretty much out of luck. This slowly began to change with the growth and development of Wine, […]

Versus Indie – Battlefield 4 vs Insurgency

28 March 2014 | Versus Indie | by Colin Le Sueur

In this totally subjective and wholly arbitrary series I’ll be comparing two similar games, one a AAA release from a major publisher and the other from an independent developer. Is the AAA title always preferable to the indie release, with a greater budget and usually with more polished graphics and user interface? Or do indie […]

Alpha Wolf – Day Z

28 March 2014 | Alpha Wolf | by Colin Le Sueur

In this series I’ll be looking at pre-release Alphas, games released for early access by developers, sometimes as a free demo but increasingly for real money. The trend started with the release and massive success of Minecraft, which initially offered an alpha at a reduced price. The next big step in the alpha movement was […]

Unfinished – Dishonored

28 March 2014 | Unfinished | by Colin Le Sueur

People play games for all sorts of reasons but what’s potentially more interesting is looking at why people stop playing games. Why does someone invest 10 or 20 hours in perfecting the controls or getting lost in the lore just to put down the controller or mouse and keyboard, moving onto the next big release?